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Documents for Employers and HR Professional on Employee Communication

COVID-19 is now a top priority for any business in The Netherlands. Please make sure to stay up to date with daily updates published here: COVID-19 Coronavirus Netherlands – Employers Guide.

In this article, we share communication guides, documentation, posters and images for employers and HR professionals building employee communication presentations/mails/letters.


Communication on prevention Coronavirus




Source: Government Netherlands [Rijksoverheid]

Flyer prevention Coronavirus


Source: Government Netherlands [Rijksoverheid]


Communication in other languages

In case you need communication material for The Netherlands in Turkish, Polish or other language, click here to be guided to the Dutch government website.


Stay up to date – Manage the impact on the workforce

Ensure that the team leading the taskforce/communication is up to date with the Coronavirus situation. It’s hard for employers and employees to know what to do or what they are expected to do as the situation changes daily. There are also many other questions to be considered, such as what are an employer’s compliance obligations, and how leave, benefit and sick policies apply. Read COVID-19 Coronavirus Netherlands – Employers Guide.  Comply with current legal obligations and government guidance in The Netherlands.


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