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Overview #

In this section you will learn more about the Human in Progress HR knowledge source.


HR Knowledge Source #

Human in Progress Insights is our blog, providing you with HR news and perspectives on the challenges and opportunities in the world of People & Culture. Articles are regularly published to keep you informed and up to date on the latest HR trends.

Insights HR Best Practices #

In the category Insights HR Best Practices more in-depth HR news and trends are shared, including talent management, employee engagement, and performance management. You can use these best practices for developing effective HR policies and procedures.

Insights Employment Law Netherlands #

The articles regarding Insights Employment Law Netherlands provide guidance from employment lawyers on the latest Dutch employment regulations and how to stay compliant with the law. You will read more about the legal implications of HR practices and policies.

Insights Works Council Netherlands #

The posts regarding Insights Works Council Netherlands enhance your knowledge on Works Council matters. You will find more information about the Dutch Works Councils Act and get tools in order to succeed as member of the Works Council Netherlands.

HR eBooks #

The HR eBooks written by the founder Marieke Agatha Stoop are related employment, employee well-being and labour relations. These ebooks explain key concepts and evidence-backed philosophies to support HR professionals excel in their roles and better serve employees and the business.

  • Key HR Terminology Netherlands: This glossary includes commonly used HR terms to help anyone better understand HR industry terminology in the Netherlands.
  • HR Checklist Employee File Netherlands: This checklist contains the applicable retention periods that apply to each document stored in an employee file in the Netherlands.
  • Guidelines Sick Leave Netherlands: This HR ebook provides you with an overview of the entitlements and mandatory steps in the event of Sick Leave in the Netherlands. 


HR Services #

  • HR Consulting offers customised solutions to meet the specific HR needs of international organisations regarding People & Culture strategy, policy, processes and compliance.
  • Our HR Operational Support is for start-ups and scale-ups requiring ongoing Human Resources support. You will have all the benefits of HR administrative support and advice in day-to-day operations and employee cases.