Intro to Human in Progress

Overview #

Whether you are in need for HR services or are interested in one of our courses at the Human in Progress Academy, you can find out more information about your options here.

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In this section you will learn more about Human in Progress solutions and where to find the support your need.


Key Solutions #

Human in Progress provides you with a variety of services, learning solutions and resources to help you in HR and run your business:

  • HR Consulting offers customised solutions to meet the specific HR needs of international organisations regarding People & Culture strategy, policy, processes and compliance.
  • Our HR Operational Support is for start-ups and scale-ups requiring ongoing Human Resources support. You will have all the benefits of HR administrative support and advice in day-to-day operations and employee cases.
  • At the Academy growth and learning opportunities are available with online and onsite HR training, and Works Council courses at various levels of proficiency.


Where to Go for Help #

HR Knowledge Source #

We offer many HR knowledge source to help you succeed, including:


Hire a Professional #

If you are in need to expand your knowledge in Human Resources, Works Councils and leadership, take a look at the available courses at the Human in Progress Academy.

Our HR services provide you with support in HR strategy, HR operations, Works Council questions and streamlining of HR processes.

You can contact us at anytime. Our dedicated Support Team is just one click away and happy to support you.