Works Council Knowledge

Overview #

In this section you will learn more about the Human in Progress knowledge resources for the Works Council in the Netherlands.


Works Council Resources #

Insights Works Council #

The Human in Progress blog Insights provides you with news and perspectives on the challenges and opportunities in the world of People & Culture. Articles are regularly published to keep you informed and up to date on the latest news and trends.

The articles available in the category Insights Works Council Netherlands will enhance your knowledge on Works Council matters.

You will find more information about the Dutch Works Councils Act and get tools in order to succeed as member in the Netherlands.


Courses #

In today’s rapidly changing business environment it becomes more and more important to have comprehensive and in‑depth knowledge. Our educational offerings in English encompass various career stages, functions, and skills, and we consistently update and expand our course portfolio.

Each of our tailored courses is designed with clear objectives in mind, providing participants with tangible experiences that they can apply within their respective organisations. The course content including pre-course and course materials, is regularly reviewed to ensure alignment with market practices and relevant laws.

  • Growth and learning development opportunities are available at the Human in Progress Academy.
  • Works Council courses  are offered for members, HR professionals and entrepreneurs who seek to understand more about the Dutch Works Councils Act and ways of working.


Consulting #

The Works Councils Consulting services aim to provide members and entrepreneurs with the knowledge, skills, and needs to effectively represent the interests of employees in the workplace.

The consultant gives legal advice on operational matters to senior-level advice during consultation processes.