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Having a team of consultants by your side is crucial in managing your Human Capital. Our team is available to support in the HR strategy, organisation design, or HRIS implementation. Benefit from our HR consulting services to mitigate the risks and legal issues.

HR Operational Support

Academy Training Courses

Expand your knowledge in Human Resources and the main principles of employment law. Benefit from over 15 years of wisdom from experts with business and practices in depth expertise in the Netherlands. All training courses are customised to your needs and skills.

Human in Progress for Services

At Human in Progress we understand how to deliver and enable new ways of working to attract, motivate and retain employees.

Since 2009 we support international organisations setting up their business and handling their most pressing HR challenges in the Netherlands.

As an HR services and learning company, it’s not just the people aspect that interests us. What matters is how we can better use it to improve the business and lives of everyone.

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Human in Progress has always been a massive support to the NL Works Council; always constructive in the dialogue, without losing track of the objectives to be reached. And besides, is great fun to work with them!

Bram Hoogesteger, Pricing & Reimbursement Manager
Bristol-Myers Squibb

We have hired Human in Progress to consult us in the Netherlands and in the US in order to guarantee a smooth transition, with regard to all HR activities, which were necessary during a corporate takeover. They have proven to take initiative, acting in the best way of interest for the company and also for its employees.  After one year, Human in Progress had set up the HR department, resulting in a smooth transition of employees into the new company.  Also new employment contracts were set up and new Employee Handbooks were implemented in Dutch and English. Human in Progress has led our organization to a structured HR department, which include a solid administration and effective work processes. Employees are satisfied and managers have more time to do their daily routine. Human in Progress is a reliable consulting company with a clear visionthat would contribute greatly to any HR department and is an asset to any organization.

Bert van Holst, Managing Director
Westway Terminals


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Human in Progress is a trusted partner offering HR services & learning in the Netherlands for over 15 years. The firm’s continuous innovation in HR processes has positioned it as a leader in People & Culture transformations within this strategic European location.