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Our guidance on Human Resources and employee engagement has become the gold standard for many international companies residing in the Netherlands. Human Progress is a consulting and learning company — we are partnering with you to succeed.


Who We Are Working For

We are partnering and supporting clients in their performance to attract, motivate and retain employees.



Leading by Learning

We enrich the lives of people by embedding a culture of leading by learning. Our experience and international knowledge base allow us to offer programs and courses at various levels of proficiency.

Discover our learning platform Human in Progress Academy.


At Human in Progress we understand how to deliver and enable new ways of working to attract, motivate and retain employees.

We will do whatever it takes to support you in employing best-of-breed services to grow your business.

As a consulting and learning company it’s not just the people aspect that interests us. What matters is how we can better use it to improve the business and lives of everyone.

We work with you to build a powerful People Strategy and will minimise ineffectiveness.

We care what matters for people and organisations to improve your HR Operating Model.

Our services focus on your most critical opportunities: operations, processes, technology and transformation linked to your industry and geography.

We ♡ the Art of Simplicity.

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