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We are devoted to providing the HR community with valuable resources and insights and our collection of free HR ebooks is designed to do just that.

The HR guides and checklists are related to human resources subjects like employment, employee well-being and labour relations. These ebooks explain key concepts and evidence-backed philosophies to support HR professionals excel in their roles and better serve employees and the business.


HR eBook

Key HR Terminology Netherlands

This HR ebook is a glossary including commonly used HR terms to help anyone better understand HR industry terminology in the Netherlands.

Have you ever heard a Dutch HR term or abbreviation and thought to yourself, “What does this mean?”

We have created this epic glossary of abbreviations and terminology in English. For entrepreneurs and professionals employing staff in the Netherlands.

Learn the HR lingo and emerging words that every HR professional needs to know. Download this human resources management ebook now.




HR Checklist

Checklist Employee File Netherlands

Employers process a large amount of personal data of their employees.

Building an effective file will ensure your company complies with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

This list even contains the applicable retention periods that apply to each document. Download this HR checklist now.


HR eBook

Guidelines Sick Leave Netherlands

It is important to know the mandatory steps to follow in the event of Sick Leave, as the Dutch labour law regarding sickness of employees is quite complex. We inform you about every step and actions to take in this HR ebook.

This HR ebook will provide you with an overview of the entitlements, mandatory measures and how to manage the (long-term) illness of employees in the Netherlands.



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