HR Operational Support

Leading People & Culture Transformations

Small organisations that require Human Resources support on an as-needed basis can benefit from our ongoing services.

Avoid mistakes, free up your time to focus on your revenue generating activities in the Netherlands. You have got a business to run and the HR operational support services might be the engine for your success.

Elevate your small or mid-size company with our ongoing monthly operational HR support on a subscription base [hr-abonnement]. Enjoy the perks of comprehensive HR services without the hassle of hiring a full-time HR employee.

Your business can access a wide range of HR services, from basic advice on day-to-day HR administration, HR operations to more complex HR processes and work instructions.

Outsourcing HR is designed to be cost-effective and efficient, providing your business with the necessary support to thrive in today’s competitive market.

We provide tiered support system in Dutch and English, ensuring that your organisation receives the necessary HR operations activities it requires to stay compliant, efficient and productive.

HR Policies & HR Processes

We assess your current HR policies, employee handbook, and HR processes, identifying areas for improvement and providing recommendations.

HR Administration & Employee Relations

We support in employee compliance matters, including handling employee letters, resolving employee conflicts, disciplinary actions, and employment terminations.

Employee Benefits

We coordinate the implementation of competitive and compliant employee benefits programmes, software, and pension schemes that align with Dutch laws.

HR System (HRIS) Implementation

We assist in the implementation of HR technology solutions, including building a knowledge base / HR intranet for employees and HR professionals.


Benefits HR Operational Support


Insights HR Best Practices

Obtain insights into the latest HR news and trends. Use the best practices from our HRM blog Human in Progress Insights for developing effective HR policies and procedures.

Industry Experience

Our industry-focused HR consulting is designed to anticipate and address your business needs. We have built lasting relationships with clients and deliver value in all that we do - across our HR services.