HR Support

Leading People & Culture Transformations

For small organisations requiring ongoing Human Resources support on a needs basis.

How we can help you with our HR Support

We provide HR Services for small companies requiring ongoing Human Resources support. With our Support Plan, you will have all the benefits of HR support without having to hire a part-time or full time professional.

Avoid mistakes, free up your time to focus on revenue generating activities.

You have got a business to run and the HR Support Plan might be the engine for your success.

Start to modernise and automate your HR processes now. We ensure your HR activities run smoothly with easy-to-follow steps.

The HR Support Plan provides tiered support in English and/or Dutch language on:

  • HR Administration
  • Advice in day-to-day operational queries
  • Processes and work instructions
  • Onboarding and offboarding




Access to HR Information

Tap into the collective knowledge of HR best practices for employees and managers.

ROI Onboarding

Accelerate the return on investment (ROI) of new hires with tools and work instructions for onboarding.

Process Automation

Save time and improve productivity by process automation. Get access to personalised experience and learn from static data reports.


Effective Communication

Improve communication on company values, guidelines and HR in a comprehensive way to increase employee engagement and knowledge.

Benefits HR Support Plan

  • Quick and accurate HR knowledge resolving queries
  • Expertise ranging from HR advice to senior-level support
  • Cost effective HR solution for small organisations with our HR staff
  • More time to focus growing your business