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Level Foundation
  • Course Works Council Fundamentals
  • Masterclass Works Council Fundamentals Entrepreneur
  • Course Works Council Fundamentals Ways of Working
  • Curriculum Works Council Fundamentals & Ways of Working
  • Masterclass Dutch Employment Law
  • Masterclass Confidential Counsellor Fundamentals
Level Advanced
  • Course Works Council Fundamentals 2.0
  • Course Works Council Committee Fundamentals
  • Course Works Council Communication
  • Course Works Council & Arbo (Health & Safety)
  • Course Works Council Influence & Negotiation
  • Course HR Process Excellence
  • Masterclass HR Document Management
Level Excellence
  • Masterclass Works Councils Act
  • Course Works Council Evolution
Learn to be an effective professional. Expand your knowledge in Human Resources, Works Councils and more.


Benefit from over 15 years of wisdom from experts with business and practices in depth expertise.



Maximise employee performance, regardless of your job level. All courses are customised to your needs and skills.




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The Type of Learning That Works Best for You

Courses, Masterclasses, Programmes & Workshops

The Human in Progress Academy Team recognises that every individual has their unique learning style. We embrace these varying learning preferences by utilising the Cone of Learning Pyramid.

While the top performing student excels through reading and memory, most of us require hands-on experience to fully grasp new concepts by physical and emotional memory to truly understand and retain knowledge.

In light of these distinctions, founder Marieke Agatha Stoop has designed the Academy courses, including masterclasses, workshops and programmes in diverse formats accessible both online and onsite at your company premises.

Our commitment is to cater to your learning needs, ensuring that you receive the education you desire in the manner that suits you best.

The design of the tailor-made learning starts with a free consultation. We discuss your needs, skills and the level of knowledge of the participants.

I remember my early years, sitting in an elementary school classroom, feeling lost during a blackout that latest a year. It was then that my teacher, a patient soul who explained things to me multiple times until I finally understood. That teacher, with her unwavering patience and commitment, ignited a spark within me.

As I moved on to high school and university, I encountered a system based on theory, while I thirsted for more practical knowledge. Then, fate intervened, and I found myself in an internship at a training company.

There, I was introduced to courses that were unlike any I had experienced before. Over a decade I immersed myself in a wide array of courses – from personal development, motivation, communication, to leadership. These courses were my guiding stars, helping me accumulate not just knowledge but practical and personal wisdom.

The diverse format of courses I have designed at the Human in Progress Academy, work for teams and individuals, because everyone learns differently. It is not just about learning; it is about transformation. The Academy is your launchpad, your partner and together, we illuminate the path to your fullest potential. With boundless enthusiasm and energy, I belief in you.

Marieke Agatha Stoop
Founder Human in Progress