Levels of Learning Pathways

A learning path is designed to give learners a clear route through various training courses. It breaks the knowledge down into manageable chunks, allowing learners to easily absorb information and progress smoothly through each training course.


These training courses prove fundamental knowledge and skills, serving as a starting point for participants new to this field.​


Building upon foundational concepts, these training courses delve deeper into topics, offering a more in-depth understanding about the topics.


At this level, training courses aim for evolution, with advanced strategies, specialised knowledge, and an elevated level of expertise in the subject matters.​

Training Courses - Level Foundation
  • Course Works Council Fundamentals
  • Course Works Council Fundamentals Ways of Working
  • Curriculum Works Council Fundamentals & Ways of Working
  • Course White Belt Lean Six Sigma in HR
  • Masterclass Dutch Employment Law
  • Masterclass Confidential Counsellor Fundamentals
  • Masterclass Works Council Fundamentals Entrepreneur
Training Courses - Level Advanced
  • Course Works Council Fundamentals 2.0
  • Course Works Council Committee Fundamentals
  • Course Works Council Communication
  • Course Works Council & Arbo
  • Course Works Council Influence & Negotiation
Training Courses - Level Excellence
  • Course HR Process Excellence
  • Masterclass HR Document Management
  • Masterclass Works Councils Act
  • Course Works Council Evolution

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Client Stories

Read the stories and their experience with Human in Progress.

I highly recommend the services of Human in Progress. I have myself been using this company for about 4 years now and I am always both impressed by and thankful for Marieke Stoop's level of knowledge, her competence, kindness, professionalism and speed of service. Her advice when I need it and the courses I took from her have been key to my job's growth.

Valerie Pique, Chief HR Officer
The Health Factory


Human in Progress has always been a massive support to the NL Works Council; always constructive in the dialogue, without losing track of the objectives to be reached. And besides, is great fun to work with them!

Bram Hoogesteger, Pricing & Reimbursement Manager
Bristol-Myers Squibb

Over 15 years I have immersed myself in a wide array of courses – from personal development, motivation, communication, to leadership. Our Academy training courses are designed to be your launchpad, your leading partner and together, we illuminate the path to your fullest potential.

With boundless enthusiasm and energy, I belief in you.

Marieke Agatha Stoop
Founder Human in Progress

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