Practical & Value Based Learnings

In today’s rapidly changing business environment it becomes more and more important to have a comprehensive and in-depth knowledge of Human Resources. We promote education and knowledge as a means to raise professional standards and service. To that end, we offer a broad spectrum of educational programs and training course for professionals.

Learn how to be an effective professional. Increase your knowledge in HR Strategy, Employee Relations, Works Council  Netherlands and more.

Join the experience and benefit of 15+ years of wisdom from Human Resources experts with business and practical in depth experience.

Training is a necessity in maximizing employee performance,regardless of job level or position. All courses are tailor-made and thus customised to your needs and skills.


Tailor-Made Training Solutions

The process of developing the tailor-made training starts with a consultation on your training needs, skills, role and the level of knowledge of the participants. Our training courses are result oriented, based on definable objectives providing you with tangible experiences to take back to your organisation.

Real-life cases and interactive discussions enable you to transfer the lessons onto your own specific professional environments. The content of each course is reviewed frequently and is therefore in line with market practise.

The HR Mentoring Program covers the essentials of Human Resources, ethics and labour law. Get a mentor and gain insider’s perspective by having meaningful connections building skills that foster success.


The Works Council Training Basics will provide you more about the rights and responsibilities described in the Dutch Works Councils Act. Start formulating visions, structure of meetings and ways of working.


The Works Council Training Advanced is aimed as a practical training to learn and draft the Works Council Calendar, set up the Covenant and Work Instructions in order to roll out Work Council processes into the organisation.