FAQs: HR Services

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Overview #

In this section you will learn more about the common questions and answers regarding the HR Services offered by Human in Progress. This FAQ section aims to provide quick and accessible information, helping you to find answers.


Where Can I Find the HR Services? #

  • HR Consulting offers customised solutions to meet the specific HR needs of international organisations regarding People & Culture strategy, policy, processes and compliance.
  • HR Operational Support services is providing support for companies to simply HR administrative tasks and/or outsourcing of their HR operational activities.
  • Work Council Consulting offers guidance and support for Works Councils to effectively represent the interests of employees.

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What Is the Difference Between HR Consulting and HR Operational Support? #

HR Consulting is more strategic and advisory in nature, providing expert guidance and solutions for complex HR challenges and goals on an as needed basis. HR Operational Support is a great solution for small to mid-size companies who need support on a monthly basis regarding the day-to-day operational tasks and administrative functions of HR. Both services play crucial roles in supporting organisations’ HR needs, but they differ in their scope, focus, and expertise.

How Can HR Consulting Benefit the Organisation? #

HR Consulting can bring numerous benefits to your organisation, including enhanced HR practices, increased efficiency, improved employee satisfaction and engagement, reduced legal risks, effective change management, optimised recruitment and retention processes, and alignment of HR strategies with business objectives.

Are the HR Services Offered Remotely? #

Yes. The HR Consulting, HR Operational Support and Works Council Consulting is offered remotely. With advanced technology and communication tools, we can effectively work with organisations regardless of their geographic location. If a visit to your company premises is required, the consultant can travel to the company premises to deliver the services.

Is the HR Consulting Offered Only for Large Organisations? #

HR consulting services are beneficial for organisations of all sizes. Whether the company is a start-up, scale-up or a large corporation, HR consultants can provide valuable insights, expertise, and support to help you navigate HR challenges and optimise your HR practices.

How Long Does the HR Services Engagement Typically Last? #

The duration of an HR Consulting engagement varies depending on the complexity of the query/project and the specific needs of the organisation. It can range from a couple of hours to a few weeks for a specific project to several months or longer for comprehensive HR transformation initiatives.

Works Council Consulting is based on the principles to purchase consulting services amounting to [X hours/days] on an annual basis. The service commitment (subscription) spans one (1) year and is invoiced in advance for the entire year. The agreement will automatically renew, with a one (1) month notice period applicable.

Your business can access a wide range of HR Operational Support on a monthly basis, from day-to-day HR administration to more complex HR processes and work instructions. The commitment of the service is for one (1) year, billed per months and the agreement will be renewed automatically with a notice period applicable of one (1) month.  

How Can I Get More Information? #

For more information, please visit our All HR Services page or contact our Support team.