Optimise Your Learning Experience

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Overview #

In this section you will learn more about how to improve your training experience after enrolling in a course at the Human in Progress Academy.

Optimise Learning Experience #

  • Set learning objectives: Before attending the training, you should set clear learning objectives. The pre-course material send by Human in Progress will also help you define these objectives. Starting the course, the trainer will discuss the learning objectives and expectations in order to focus on what you and your team would like to achieve.


  • Familiarise yourself with the course material: Review the course material, links and related articles presented in the material. Pre-course material is send by Human in Progress 14 days prior to each course.


  • Get organised: Make sure to have all the necessary materials and equipment at hand, such as pen, notepad, laptop, and chargers.


  • Practice self-care: Ensure you have enough sleep, eat well, and engage in activities that help you to relax and de-stress.


  • Ask questions: Reach out to the Human in Progress Academy Team before the training to ask any questions about the content, format, or logistics of the online/onsite training. This can help to clarify any uncertainties and alleviate any anxiety prior to the course.


  • Network: Speak to the team who are participating in the course regarding expectations, objectives, as this can support you in team building and feeling more comfortable during the course.


Effectiveness Training #

The effectiveness of the course is measured and evaluated in several ways, depending on the goals and objectives.

  • Pre-and post-course material: Before and after the training, you will receive documentation to measure the extent of knowledge or skills gained during the course.


  • Survey: Feedback is collected from you through our survey to measure the effectiveness of the course and identify areas for improvement.


  • Follow-up training and support: After the course, our Academy Team is offering guidance. If a more extensive study of questions and advice is required, HR Services or Works Council Consulting is offered by us. Additional courses, programmes or workshops can be also conducted to reinforce the skills learned during the initial course.