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Overview #

In this section you will learn more about the process of register for courses at the Human in Progress Academy.

Visit the Training Courses Page #

For over 15 years, Human in Progress has supported people like you, taking control of your development. The diverse format of courses designed at the Human in Progress Academy, work for teams and individuals, because everyone learns differently.

“It is not just about learning; it is about transformation.”

Navigate to our Academy page to view the available courses.

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Contact Request for Academy Courses #

Contact Human in Progress in the following ways for more information about the available courses:

  • Call our office: connect with one of our international offices in the Netherlands and in Australia.
  • Schedule a free consultation: set up a time to talk at your convenience during an online consultation.
  • Fill in the contact form: write us a message by filling in the contact form.

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Quotation Agreement #

Once all the required information is received about your needs in a consultation, Human in Progress sends you a proposal. The quotation agreement outlines information about learning courses, timelines, and cost. All quotation costs are in EUR. To accept the quotation agreement, you fill in the required information and sign at the bottom of the document.

You will receive a confirmation email with your registration details and further instructions for the next steps.