Sick Leave Netherlands

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Overview #

In this section you will find a comprehensive collection of quick links housing essential information regarding sick leave in the Netherlands. This dedicated section is designed to streamline your access to vital resources about reporting illness and sick pay.

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1. Sick in the Netherlands – Mandatory Guidelines #

Discover the mandatory requirements and guidelines in the Netherlands, ensuring compliance and effective management. If the employee experiences burnout, sick leave in the Netherlands is applicable, similarly, for depression.

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2. Sick Leave Policy #

Get information about the mandatory policy Netherlands and how the policy serves as guidance for managers, employees in regard to the mandatory process,  sick pay and more at your company.

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3. Occupational Health & Safety Netherlands #

Explore the minimum requirements of Occupational Health & Safety in the Netherlands, vital for maintaining a safe and healthy work environment.

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4. Underlying Causes of Absenteeism in the Workplace #

Delve into the top 10 underlying causes of absenteeism in the workplace, empowering employers to tackle productivity challenges effectively.

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5. Mandatory Confidential Counsellor in the Netherlands #

Learn about the mandatory appointment of a Confidential Counsellor in the Netherlands, fostering a supportive and inclusive workplace culture. Employees could contact the counsellor for support in case of unacceptable behaviour, like discrimination, (sexual) harassment, intimidation, aggression, violence, bullying or stalking, or when faced with a conflict in the work situation (integrity issue).

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6. HR ebook Sick Leave Guidelines in the Netherlands #

Learn about the mandatory requirements in our ebook Sick Leave Guidelines in the Netherlands, and download this free HR ebook.

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More Information #

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