Get a Tailored Sick Leave Netherlands Policy

All companies are obliged by law to have a Sick Leave Policy Netherlands including:

✓ Mandatory steps and actions by law for employer and employee.

✓ Explanation of parties involved in the process.

✓ Instructions and guidelines for each mandatory step. 

✓ Process of sick pay and payroll.





Why This Absence Policy

☛ The law sets obligations and mandatory steps for both the employee and the employer during Sick Leave.

☛ Under Dutch employment law, there is a prohibition of 2 years for termination of employment during Sick Leave.

☛ The employer is obliged by law to continue to pay the costs for the first year and second year of Sick Leave.

☛ Decrease the cost of illness (COI). 1% of absenteeism is 2% of your wage costs.



What Are the Risk of Non-Compliance...

❌ Not complying with the law.

❌ Lack of clarity about mandatory steps and actions for employer and employee.

❌ Imposed wage sanction if the efforts of the employer are judged insufficient.

Tailor-Made Sick Leave Policy

The Sick Leave Policy Netherlands will be tailored to your company’s needs.
This policy should be shared with employees, ensuring transparency and compliance.



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