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Human in Progress Academy - Courses for Dutch Works Councils and Entrepreneurs.

Improve Performance of the Works Council

The Works Council training offered are not just about education; they are about your growth and progress.

​At the Human in Progress Academy, our mission is to empower both the Works Council and the entrepreneur with the knowledge and skills essential for thriving in today’s ever-evolving world. ​

Serving as Works Council member or entrepreneur is a significant responsibility that entails advocating for the rights, well-being, and interests of the employees and company in accordance with the Works Councils Act [Wet op de ondernemingsraden].

To fulfilthese responsibilities and contribute meaningfully to the workplace, undertaking a Works Council training is not just beneficial – it is fundamental.


Works Council Training – Tiered Learning Approach

We have designed all Works Council training courses to lead you progressively through a series of skills and knowledge levels with a tiered learning path approach.

Foundation: These courses prove fundamental knowledge and skills, serving as a starting point for participants new to the Works Councils Act and this field.​

Advanced: Building upon foundational concepts, these courses delve deeper into topics, offering a more in-depth understanding about communication and ways of working.​

Excellence: At this level, courses aim for evolution, with advanced strategies, specialised knowledge, and an elevated level of expertise in Works Council subject matters.​

Course Works Council Fundamentals

Level Foundation

For: Works Council members

Become familiar with the rights and authority of the Works Council. Learn about the Works Councils Act and receive practical guidance, tools  and templates for leading effective meetings with the entrepreneur.



Masterclass Works Council Fundamentals

Level Foundation

For: New appointed Works Council members only, as other Works Council members are already trained in the fundamental principles.

Get quickly up to speed by learning more about the Works Councils Act and the practical ways of working as Works Council.



Masterclass Works Council Fundamentals Entrepreneur

Level Foundation

For: CEOs, GMs, MT members and HR.

Become familiar with the rights and authority of the Works Council. Receive guidance and templates for building a strong team and great partnership with the Works Council.



Course Works Council Fundamentals Ways of Working

Level Foundation

For: Works Council members, CEOs, GMs, and HR.

Joint course for the Works Council and Entrepreneur of the same company to agree on a transparent way of working. It highlights the draft agreements received in the course such as the annual agenda, covenant agreement, consultation process, communication and sharing of best practices for success.




Course Works Council Fundamentals 2.0

Level Advanced 

For: Works Councils comprising a mix of members with foundational training but seeking further knowledge, alongside partially new members requiring fundamental training.

Receive a summary of the rights and responsibilities of the Works Council. Explore user cases subject to Works Council advice, approval, and information rights. Learn more about the Works Council's strategy and develop skills to ask relevant questions during meetings.



Course Works Council Communication

Level Advanced

For: Works Council members

Take your understanding of behavioural and communication styles within the Works Council to an advanced level. Apply knowledge to develop a comprehensive Works Council communication plan, determining the message, communication channels, and stakeholders throughout the year.



Course Works Council Influence & Negotiation

Level Advanced

For: Works Council members who are already trained in the fundamental principles.

Recognise various communication and negotiation styles. Learn essential negotiation techniques and utilise questions to maintain control and enhance listening skills strategies to effectively achieve mutually beneficial outcomes.

Masterclass Works Councils Act

Level Excellence

For: Works Council members, CEOs, GMs and HR.

Gain knowledge of the Works Councils Act principles. Receive guidance on compliance how to apply the Works Councils Act in practice.

The learning objective is to empower you with a profound understanding of the legal landscape of the Dutch Works Councils Act. This will enable you to navigate it with confidence and competence to apply it effectively.

Course Works Council Evolution

Level Excellence

For: Works Council members

Explore the evolutionary journey of the Works Council through structured exercises that identify strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities for improvement. Develop actionable strategies to enhance the team dynamics, productivity, and effectiveness.

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Instructor-Led Training (ILT): practical case studies, masterclasses and lectures.

The trainers pool consists of professionals, HRM consultants, entrepreneurs and employee representatives of Works Councils in the Netherlands. They have more than 10 years of experience working in an international environment with multicultural groups.

The Works Council training course at the Human in Progress Academy is:

  1. Results-based driven providing impactful tangible experiences.
  2. Hands-on instructor Led Training (ILT) through case studies and interactive discussions.
  3. Frequently reviewed and thus comply with laws and market practices.



 Expand your knowledge in employee participation and the main principles of the Dutch Works Councils Act.





Benefit from over 15 years of wisdom from experts with business and practices in depth expertise.



Maximise Works Council performance, regardless of your job level. All courses are customised to your needs and skills.





The design of the tailor-made Works Council course starts with a free consultation.
We discuss your needs, skills and the level of knowledge of the Works Council participants.