We deliver and enable new ways of working to support clients in their performance to attract, motivate and retain employees.

We are setting the example to show our appreciation to employees, customers and suppliers. Invest in people, understand what they need and ask them for their support and ideas. We have seen that this is powerful and generates success if we are more at the service of our employees. We will continue to evolve what is the most necessary way of working towards the future. This means bringing people together, develop new HR strategies and ways of working.

Since our start in 2009, we have supported startups and Fortune 500 companies in employing best-of-breed HR services to grow their businesses.

By pairing HR technology with efficient and effective processes in your day-to-day demands, Human in Progress is powering a new era of HR Operating Model profitability. With over 10 years of hard work and commitment, making a real difference in The Netherlands, our organisation has expanded services and geographic scope to Australia.

Today, we deliver end-to-end HR transformation services. Your investment in a renewed HR way of working creates more time, revenue and profit. Ultimately this will lead to higher satisfaction levels amongst employees, customers and shareholders.


Human in Progress creates an HR system that drives employee engagement. The three main ways we do that are:

If you know anything about Human In Progress, you know we are PASSIONATE about HR. We can (and often do) go on about future HR Operating Models, process improvement, AI, HRIS and so on. You can learn more about HR yourself, if you want or follow the HR Mentoring Program.  You are here because you want to grow your businesses and improve the HR function.


Clients Human In Progress

Develop Your People, Develop Your Business

We will champion this, with everyone, from our people to entrepreneurs and even our competitors, we make sure sure that our HR ways of working is good for everyone. As leader we are aware of the work ethics and values of each generation employees in order to engage and drive the business forwards.

Since the invention of the Human Resource Management function, motivation and satisfaction in our job has had an increasing impact on the way we work and live. As a HR service provider it’s not just the people aspect that interests us. What matters is how we can better use it to improve the business and lives of everyone. We feel the need to work together with HR practitioners and entrepreneurs to minimise ineffectiveness. We care what matters for people and organisations to improve their HR Operating Model.


Human Capital is our first priority | Social Responsibility | Pro Bono Work

The company’s commitment to social responsibility is also demonstrated by the considerable value we place on doing pro bono work for individuals working in The Netherlands.

The aim of our pro bono work is to enhance access to Employment Law and Human Resources assistance in making our knowledge and expertise available to individuals who lack the resources to obtain such HR services.

We believe in leadership by sharing our insecurities, successes and mistakes. To unlock our true potential we have to simply search within. As by study of behaviour, inspiration, motivation and passion, we will understand how we can fulfil our own greatest potential. When we encourage employees to do this research, employees will not be seen as costs or as a product, but as Human Capital. This is why we are committed to provide the best guidance, support and services. A focus on individual empowerment is a key aspect as it provides the opportunity to improve their work and also quality of life.