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 Expand your knowledge in human resources, Works Council Acts and the main principles of employment law.





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Maximise employee performance, regardless of your job level. All courses are customised to your needs and skills.




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Instructor-Led Training (ILT): practical case studies, masterclasses and lectures.

Tailor-Made Courses

General Principles Employment Law

For: HR Professionals

Get insights into common workplace laws and stay up-to-date with the latest changes in Dutch employment law. The impact and importance of these laws in the context of your daily work is critical to your success.


Works Council Start Set Up/Election

For: CEOs, General Managers and HR Professionals.

Learn more about how to establish the Works Council in regard to the election process, mandatory steps, stakeholders, practical information and communication.



Masterclass Works Councils Act

For: CEOs, General Managers and HR Professionals.

Gain knowledge of the Works Councils Act principles. Receive guidance on compliance how to apply the Works Councils Act in practice.




Works Council Fundamentals

For: CEOs, General Managers, MT members and HR Professionals.

Become familiar with the rights and authority of the Works Council. Receive guidance and templates for building a strong team and great partnership.





Masterclass Works Council

For: CEOs, General Managers and HR Professionals.

Enhance the collaboration with the Works Council. Receive real-time solutions and insights in the Works Council rights. Learn different communication styles and effective ways of working.





Works Council Advanced

For: CEOs, General Managers, and HR Professionals.

Advanced level course on different aspects of the Works Council consultation process, collaboration, communication and  where sharing of best practices will reflect success.



The design of the tailor-made learnings on human resource development starts with a free consultation.
We discuss your needs, skills and the level of knowledge of the participants.



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