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Strategic HR consulting services to ensure compliance with the Dutch labour law.


At Human in Progress, we are committed to providing exceptional HR consulting services that meet the unique needs of our clients. Our team has extensive experience working with international organisations across various industries in the Netherlands.

We will do whatever it takes to support you in employing best-of-breed HR consulting services to grow your businesses with our team of HRM consultants and Dutch employment lawyers.

With our services you can transform the employees’ perception of you and your HR department to be seen as forward-thinking strategic enablers of support. By adopting a new HR way of working, you can expect to see an increase in time, revenue and profits along with higher satisfaction levels among employees, customers, and shareholders.

HR Audit

We assess your current HR policies, employee handbook, and HR processes identifying areas for improvement and and ensure Dutch HR compliance.

HR Strategy

Our team works with you to develop a comprehensive HR strategy aligned with your People & Culture agenda, company objectives, values, and long-term vision, while considering international HR way of working.

Organisational Design and Development

We design and implement organisational structures that support your HR strategy. We define roles and responsibilities, and establish performance metrics to ensure that your HR strategy is executed effectively.

Employee Benefits

We coordinate the implementation of competitive and compliant employee benefits programmes, software, and pension schemes that align with Dutch laws.

Talent Management Philosophy & Performance Management

We design the talent management philosophy and assist in implementing and/or refining your performance management process and cycle.

Employment Law & Employee Relations

Our legal HR consultant Netherlands team supports you in employment law compliance, employee relations resolution, including conflicts, disciplinary actions, and employment terminations.

HR System (HRIS) Implementation

We help in your research of HR technology solutions to improve efficiency and accuracy, including the implementation of an HR intranet and knowledge base for employees and HR professionals.

Works Council Governance & Compliance

We provide guidance and support to help you navigate the Works Council consultation process and achieve positive outcomes.


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Insights HR Best Practices

Obtain insights into the latest HR news and trends. Use the best practices from our HRM blog Human in Progress Insights for developing effective HR policies and procedures.

Industry Experience

Our industry-focused HR consulting in the Netherlands is designed to anticipate and address your business needs. We have built lasting relationships with clients and deliver value in all that we do - across our HR services.