Frequently Asked Questions


  • Do you offer online training?

    Yes we do! We have online training courses available at the Human in Progress Academy. Browse all courses › 

  • Can you provide training onsite at my company’s premises?

    Yes we can! All of our training courses at the Human in Progress Academy can be delivered in-person at your venue. We can travel to the office location to deliver courses at a time that suits your needs.

  • What are the available courses?

    The Human in Progress Academy offers a wide range of courses covering various topics such as HR Project Management, Works Councils, Leadership and more. Please refer to the Academy in the menu of this website for a complete list of available courses.

  • What is the course duration?

    At the Human in Progress Academy, the courses provided are 4 hours and the Masterclasses are 2 hours.

  • Who will conduct the training, and what is their level of expertise and experience?

    Courses are presented by highly qualified and experienced trainers who have a practical approach and excellent knowledge of transnational issues.

  • How will the effectiveness of the training be measured and evaluated?

    The effectiveness of the course is measured and evaluated in several ways, depending on the goals and objectives.

    • Pre and post-course material: Before and after the training, participants receive documentation to measure the extent of knowledge or skills gained during the course.
    • Survey: Feedback is collected from participants through our survey to measure the effectiveness of the course and identify areas for improvement.
    • Follow-up training and support: After the course, our Academy Team is offering guidance. If a more extensive study of questions and advice is required, HR Services or Works Council Consulting is offered by us. Additional course, programmes and workshops can be also conducted to reinforce the skills learned during the initial course. 

HR Services

  • What is the difference between HR Consulting and HR Operational Support?

    HR Consulting is more strategic and advisory in nature, providing expert guidance and solutions for complex HR challenges and goals on an as needed basis. HR Operational Support is a great solution for small to mid-size companies who need support on a monthly basis regarding the day-to-day operational tasks and administrative functions of HR. Both services play crucial roles in supporting organisations’ HR needs, but they differ in their scope, focus, and expertise.

  • How can HR Consulting benefit my organisation?

    HR Consulting can bring numerous benefits to your organisation, including enhanced HR practices, increased efficiency, improved employee satisfaction and engagement, reduced legal risks, effective change management, optimised recruitment and retention processes, and alignment of HR strategies with business objectives.

  • Can your HR Services (HR Consulting & HR Operational Support) be provided remotely?

    We offer HR Consulting and HR Operational Support remotely and onsite. With advanced technology and communication tools, we can effectively work with organisations regardless of their geographic location. If a visit to your company premises is required, the HR Consultant can travel to the company premises to deliver the services.

  • Is HR Consulting only for large organisations?

    HR consulting services are beneficial for organisations of all sizes. Whether you are a start-up, scale-up or a large corporation, HR consultants can provide valuable insights, expertise, and support to help you navigate HR challenges and optimise your HR practices.

  • How long does an HR Consulting engagement typically last?

    The duration of an HR consulting engagement varies depending on the complexity of the query/project and the specific needs of the organisation. It can range from a couple of hours to a few weeks for a specific project to several months or longer for comprehensive HR transformation initiatives.

  • I am an employee and have an individual question regarding an HR issue, could you help out?

    Our focus is on partnering and supporting (inter)national companies and consumer cases are not in our scope. However, we still would like to be able to provide guidance to employment law and Human Resources information for individuals. We have designed a separate page with a knowledge base of information, links, and guidance. Read More ›

Works Council Netherlands

  • What resources are available for Works Council members to stay informed and enhance our knowledge?

    There are several ways as Works Council to get informed and enhance your knowledge and skills.

    • Courses: The Human in Progress Academy offers Works Council courses at various levels of profiency. Browse Courses ›  
    • Insights: Works Council Insights is our blog category with published stories and tools to succeed as a member of the Works Council. Read more ›
    • Newsletter: Our monthly newsletter provides information about the latest new, insights and special offers. Subscribe now ›
    • Works Council Consulting: We offer Works Council consulting to support Works Councils. Contact our HR and legal team for assistance on a re-occuring base Read More ›  

  • Does Human in Progress offer Works Council training in Dutch and English?

    Yes, we do. At the Human in Progress Academy, we have courses available in Dutch and English. These courses are designed for Works Council members, General Managers, Management Teams, and HR Professionals. Read more › 

  • How many training days are Works Council members entitled to by the Dutch Works Councils Act?

    According to Article 18 of the Dutch Works Councils Act (WOR), Works Council members are entitled to at least five days of training per year to enhance their knowledge and skills. This will ensure that Works Council members have the necessary knowledge and tools to effectively represent the interests of employees and to engage in constructive dialogue with the entrepreneur. The costs of the training are generally borne by the entrepreneur.

  • Where can I find the Dutch Works Councils Act?

    The rules concerning staff representation are described in the Dutch Works Councils Act. We have published an article, including the history of the Works Councils Act and the link to the Dutch version and English translation. Read more ›

  • How many members are in the Works Council?

    The composition of the Works Council is described in article 6 of the Dutch Works Councils Act. There is a minimum of 5 and a maximum of 25 members sitting in the Works Council. The number of members is depending on the number of employees in your company. Read more › 

  • What is a Works Council?

    In the Netherlands the Works Council [ondernemingsraad, OR] is an internal body representing employees, promoting, and protecting the interest of the employees. The Works Council has consultation rights in respect of certain significant proposed management decisions. Furthermore, they have approval rights in respects of intended company decisions regarding employment policies. Read more › 

  • What is an European Works Council?

    Employee representation is essential in every work environment in the Netherlands. The Dutch Works Councils Act defines the rules relating to staff representation. We have published an article explaining the difference between the European Works Council (EWC) and the Works Council Netherlands. Read more ›