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Overview #

At Human in Progress, we recognise the crucial role of Works Councils in fostering harmonious employer-employee relationships and shaping organisational decisions. To support Works Council members, we offer a spectrum of resources designed to equip you with comprehensive knowledge and practical tools.

In this section you will learn more about the comprehensive insights and tools specifically curated to empower Works Council members in the Netherlands.

Human in Progress Insights #

Human in Progress Insights is our blog, providing you with HR news and perspectives on the challenges and opportunities in the world of People & Culture. Articles are regularly published to keep you informed and up to date on the latest information.

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1. Insights Works Council Netherlands #

Navigating the complexities of the Dutch Works Councils Act is vital for every Works Council member. Our articles within the Insights Works Council Netherlands category offer in-depth analysis, interpretations, and practical implications of this legislation. Find an overview of all the articles available in the category Insights Works Council Netherlands.

2. Dutch Works Councils Act #

The rules concerning staff representation are described in the Dutch Works Councils Act [Wet op de ondernemingsraden, WOR)]. Learn more about the history of Works Councils Act and download the English and Dutch version.

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3. Purpose Works Council #

The purpose of the Works Council is to benefit both the employer and employees. Explore the impact of the Works Council’s purpose on organisational dynamics.

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4. Rights & Responsibilities Works Council #

Understand the rights and responsibilities of the Works Council to ensure fair representation. Dive into the rights and responsibilities of the Works Council for effective governance.

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5. Works Council’s Communication #

5.1. Communication Plan #

Foster transparency and collaboration. Discover strategies to optimise communication with stakeholders in the company. Start building a Works Council communication plan to foster employee engagement.

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5.2. Annual Report #

The Works Council is required to perform recurring tasks, such as drawing up and publishing in the organisation an Annual Report Works Council. The publishing of this report is mandated by the Works Councils Act.

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6. Learning Pathways for Dutch Works Councils #

Works Council learning pathways are essential for professional growth. Having a clear roadmap to guide the learning endeavours will make all the difference. Discover the power of structured training programmes tailored to the Works Council’s needs.

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7. Works Council Courses Netherlands #

At the Human in Progress Academy, our mission is to empower both the Works Council and the entrepreneur with the knowledge and skills. ​We have designed all Works Council training courses with a tiered learning path approach.

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8. Works Council Consulting #

Navigate complex decisions with confidence and consult with a consultant to streamline Works Council operations and maximise impact. Gain expert guidance with Works Council Consulting.

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More Information #

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