Works Council Consulting

Guidance and support to Works Council members to effectively represent the interests of employees.


In today’s rapidly evolving Works Council landscape, it’s more important than ever to have a trusted partner on your side. Our Works Council consulting services aim to provide Works Council members with the knowledge, skills, and needs to effectively represent the interests of employees in the workplace.

We have extensive experience working with Works Councils across various industries. You will benefit from one of our consultants providing you guidance on operational Works Council matters to senior-level advice. Partner with us to effectively represent the interests of employees and ensure a successful outcome.

Works Council Consultation

We support you during negotiations and in the Works Council consultation process on issues such as employee benefits, organisational restructure, and working conditions.

Works Council Communication

We assist you in effectively communicating with stakeholders. This includes developing a Works Council communication strategy and providing support during meetings with the entrepreneur.

Legal Advice

We give legal advice in the Works Council consultation process to ensure compliance with the Dutch Works Councils Act.

Employee Communication

We ensure you include all aspects of employee communication when sharing news about the Works Council with staff.

Strategic Planning

We help you develop and implement long-term strategies to achieve your objectives. This may involve analysing data to identify areas of opportunity.

Dispute Resolution

We offer guidance and support for dispute resolution between management and Works Council to find effective solutions.


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Works Councils working with Human in Progress better represent the interest of employees.
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