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Practical and Value Based eLearnings

We enrich the lives of people by embedding a culture of leading by learning.

Our experience and international knowledge base allow us to offer programs and courses at various levels of proficiency.

Discover our online learning platform Human in Progress Academy.

Explore the available programs and courses by category: Human Resources, Mentorship program, Communication and Works Councils.

People & Culture Consultation

We are supporting companies blueprint their HR Operating Model and leading People & Culture Transformations. Generating more time, revenue and profit for organisations.

Benefit from a team of consultants providing you with HR guidance on day-to-day operational matters to senior-level strategic advice.

Receive support and get insights in People & Culture Strategy, Policies, Processes, Talent & Performance Management, Works Council and HR Technology.

HR Templates and Documents

The HR Portal NL is our exclusive online one-stop-shop on Human Resources, legal compliance and HR best practices in the Netherlands.

Discover insights, streamline your process and gain access to a wide range of documents about People & Culture Strategies, Performance Management and more.

Alongside our HR compliance expertise and insights, find easy customisable templates on employee letters, employment contracts and work instructions.