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Overview #

In this section you will find a comprehensive collection of our essential HR ebooks. This dedicated section is designed to streamline your access to these Human Resources Management ebooks.

HR eBooks #

Delve into a comprehensive collection of HR ebooks written by our founder, Marieke Agatha Stoop, each meticulously crafted to enrich your knowledge and proficiency in the realms of employment, employee well-being, and labour relations.

These thoughtfully curated ebooks serve as invaluable resources, unraveling fundamental concepts and evidence-based strategies to empower HR professionals, enabling them to excel in their roles and serve both employees and the broader business.

Our exclusive HR ebooks include:

Ebook Key HR Terminology Netherlands #

Dive into this glossary brimming with the most commonly used HR jargon, designed to demystify complex terminologies prevalent in the Dutch HR industry. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or new to the field, this resource serves as a reliable companion to enhance your comprehension of HR-related concepts and phrases in the Netherlands.

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Ebook HR Checklist Employee File Netherlands #

Access this comprehensive checklist delineating the specific retention periods applicable to each document stored within an employee file in the Netherlands. This resource is an indispensable guide for HR professionals, ensuring compliance with legal obligations concerning document retention in the Dutch context.

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Ebook Guidelines Sick Leave Netherlands #

Delve into this ebook that navigates through the sick leave entitlements and mandatory procedures in the Netherlands. With a comprehensive overview of the protocols to be followed in the event of sick leave, this resource serves as a valuable tool for HR practitioners striving to manage employee health issues effectively.

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