Access Training Course Materials

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Overview #

In this section you will learn more about how to access the course material and where to find the support you need.

This document provides step-by-step instructions and best practices for making the most out of our training programmes. Whether you are a new participant or looking to enhance your learning experience, this information will support you navigate our training courses effectively.

Pre-Course Material #

Pre-course material is the content material participants will receive before the actual training session begins. These materials are designed to prepare participants for the content and objectives of the course and to ensure there is a foundational understanding of key concepts before diving into the course.

The pre-course material will be sent by the latest one week before the course.

Post Course Material #

The course materials presented during the course and to be received post-course include:

  • Presentation Slides: Visual reinforcement of key concepts.
  • Knowledge Base: Links to additional readings, articles, and tools for ongoing learning.
  • ¬†Support: Survey, additional reading links, courses, and access to support channels.

The course material will be sent by the latest 4 days week after the course.