eHerkenning: Authentication and Authorisation

What do I need to know?

The government institution UWV* has started using eHerkenning as a standard way to login to their portal (initiated in November 1, 2019. More than 400 organisations, such as the Tax Authority, Municipalities, Provinces but also private organisation have implemented this standardised login system.

What is eHerkenning?

eHerkenning is a standardised login system which enables organisations to make their services accessible online and securely to companies, civil servants and consumers. Users log in to a web service using their eHerkenning token, which allows them to manage their affairs online. eHerkenning will check whether the person who is utilising a service is actually who he says he is, but also whether this person is authorised to act. This means that organisations always know who they are dealing with and whether that person is authorised to act. The certified suppliers of eHerkenning provide this security at different levels of assurance.

Formerly, government organisations used a variety of parallel authentication and authorisation solutions. This yielded a multiple set of digital keys and caused poor user experience. The ensuing weak user adoption stunted the growth of eBusiness and eGovernment.

With eHerkenning, each business is issued with a single login token that can be used for various services. Thus, the multiple set of digital keys is replaced with one digital ‘master key’. This will accelerate adoption, since user habits are formed by reusing the same authentication mechanism for various online services.

The benefits of logging in are:

  • Good security measures
  • One login token for numerous services
  • Less passwords
  • Free choice of how you want to log in
  • Logging in safely
  • Efficient: Savings in terms of time and costs

The benefits of connecting to eHerkenning

  • Risk and comp­liance are arranged
  • Fraud prevention
  • Standardisation: less costs
  • Ready for European usage
  • Online identity assured


Costs eHerkenning

Cost eHerkenning is not free of charge. The government has decided for the users of the system to pay the costs.


EHerkenning cannot be shared with or transferred to other users

All users in an organisation who need access and who use the portal need to apply for eHerkenning. They must apply for eHerkenning at the same as the person who manages eHerkenning within your organisation. This person is the legal representative of the Chamber of Commerce of your organisation. Only that person can authorize other users of the company and submit the request to set up EHerkenning. eHerkenning is personal and cannot be transferred or shared amongst colleagues.

What do you need to do?

As soon as possible before November 1, 2019 apply for eHerkenning. UWV will use eHerkenning effectively November 1, 2019 as the only way to login to your business account. It is key to have access as your organisation need to continue to report illness and/or other related employment matters.

Step 1: The government has set up an official suppliers list (in Dutch) and you need to choose one supplier to help you setup the eHerkenning.

Step 2:  Select and choose the required authorisation level with the associated log-in tools. In addition to a username and password, do you want for example an extra check via SMS? Or an extra check via token or app? You can determine how to set up the login. Tip: UWV requires level EH3 [niveau EH3] and this level is also increasingly being asked by other organisations using this standardised login system.

Step 3: Check the provider offering ‘Ketenmachtiging’ as this may apply to your organisation. With this authorisation you are able to authorise a third party providers or a consultant to login on your behalf and apply the required information in the portal.

Step 4: Contact the supplier and proceed with the necessary steps for set up.


Point of Attention:
The duration of the process depends on the registration of your organisation in the Chamber of Commerce. In case the director is the applicant organisation and fully authorized to act on behalf of the organization, the process will take a few weeks. If there is a complex managerial structure (with many and / or jointly authorized directors), or if it concerns several Chambers of Commerce for which eHerkenning must be set up, the duration of the process will take longer than a few weeks.

If you need support or have any questions on eHerkenning, please CONTACT US.



*UWV Employee Insurance Agency is an autonomous administrative authority and is commissioned by the Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment. The Dutch employee insurances are provided via laws such as the WW (Unemployment Insurance Act), the WIA (Work and Income according to Labor Capacity Act, WGA (Return to Work (Partially Disabled) Regulations), the WAJONG (Disablement Assistance Act for Handicapped Young Persons), the WAO (Invalidity Insurance Act), the WAZO (Work and Care Act) and the Sickness Benefits Act.

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