2024 Change Fixed Mileage Allowance in the Netherlands.

The Mileage Allowance per kilometre [reiskostenvergoeding] is a Dutch tax ruling. Employees can opt in to receive a hometowork Mileage Allowance for daily commuting between home and work and vice versa from work to home. The distance will be determined on the basis of the most usual route between home and work and back from work to home. The reimbursement of the Mileage Allowance has to be processed via payroll based on tax legislation in the Netherlands (it is not allowed to process this via an expense system such as Concur). 

in 2023, the allowance was 0.21-euro cents per kilometre travelled between home and work, and work to home. Starting January 2024, the allowance is 0.23-euro cents per kilometre.  


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