Works Council Training Costs – Guidelines 2024.

The Economic Council of the Netherlands sets the target amounts for training costs Works Council annually, and on the recommendation of the Commission for the Promotion of Employee Participation (CBM).

It provides an indication of what, under normal circumstances, are reasonable costs for education of sufficient quality. It is therefore not a legal norm, but a guideline, intended to provide guidance to the employer and the Works Council in their consultations on the training and the costs.

Guidelines Works Council Tuition Costs

The SER has set their guidelines for the Works Council training costs 2024. The advised amount for a standard open course for 4 hours is 1250 euros exclusive of VAT. In 2023 the guideline was 1160 and in 2022 1100 euro. The target amounts are included costs such as the trainer’s fee, the costs of preparation, execution and aftercare of the course, any travel costs and course materials.

Right to Education

Works Council training entitlements under the Dutch Works Councils Act are collective rights for the Works Council. According to Article 18 of the WOR, the Works Council is entitled to a minimum of 5 days of training per year.

A Works Council’s learning path is essentially a personalised journey of acquiring knowledge and skills that are tailored to an individual’s professional goals or a group goal. It is more than a collection of training sessions. It is a well-thought-out sequence of learning experiences designed to build expertise progressively.

Tailor-Made Works Council Courses

The SER does not provide a target amount for the costs of accommodation and tailor-made courses. The reason is these costs can vary widely. The guidelines are only relevant for standard courses open for registration.

The Human in Progress Academy recognises that every individual has their unique learning style. Top performing professionals excel through reading and memory. Most of us need hands-on experience by physical and emotional memory to grasp new concepts and retaining knowledge.

Considering these distinctions, the Academy offers practical masterclasses, courses, and programmes for Works Councils in the Netherlands, available in various formats, ensuring accessibility across online and offline platforms.

In addition to the courses, a tailor-made course could also be an option for the Works Council. This is known as a customised learning programme specifically designed to meet the unique needs, requirements, and goals of your Works Council.

The tailor-made course ensures that the learning experience is directly applicable with user cases of the Works Council that are being used to contribute to their success in their specific roles or fields.

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