Guidelines Training Costs Works Council Netherlands 2022.

The SER (Social and Economic Council of the Netherlands) has set the guidelines for Works Council training costs 2022. The amount for a course for the entire Works Council is set at 1100 euros per part of the day per Works Council (in 2021: 1065 euros, 2020: 1055 euro). This cost includes the rate of the trainers and employees, the costs of preparation, implementation and aftercare of the course, any travel costs, the costs for overhead and training materials. The amount is all in and excluding VAT.


The SER sets the amount annually on the recommendation of the Commission for the Promotion of Employee Participation (CBM). It provides an indication of what, under normal circumstances, are reasonable costs per part of the day for training and education of sufficient quality. It is therefore not a legal norm, but a guideline, intended to provide guidance to the Employer and the Works Council in their consultations on the training to be followed and the costs.

Right to Education

Works Council members have a legal right for training. The Employer is obliged to give the members of the Works Council the opportunity to receive the training they deem necessary for the performance of their duties for a minimum number of days per year, during working hours and with pay. The number of days is determined by the Employer and the Works Council in joint consultation. The Employer is obliged to pay the costs that are reasonably necessary for the training of Works Council members.

Cost of Tailor-made Courses

The SER does not provide a target amount for the costs of accommodation and tailor-made courses, because these costs can vary widely.

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