15 Recruitment Strategies: Hiring Strategies to Bring You Closer to Qualified Candidate.

Recruitment strategies, finding and attracting qualified candidates can be challenging for organisations of all sizes. To address this challenge, it is important to develop effective recruitment strategies that not only attract top talent but also bring you closer to securing qualified candidates for your open positions.

In essence, a recruitment strategy is a blueprint for sourcing the most suitable candidates to fill the company’s vacancies. It outlines the desired candidate profiles, articulates the reasons for seeking them, and outlines the methods for attracting them to the organisation.

What is the most effective recruitment methods you need to know that might bring you closer to qualified candidate.

15 Employee Recruitment Strategies

  1. Develop a clear employer brand.

  2. Advertise on job boards and in online magazines.

  3. Place job ads on social media channels (Facebook, X, LinkedIn) and on your company website.

  4. Implement or use your employee referral program.

  5. Make it simple for candidates to apply.

  6. Use flyers and posters.

  7. Invest in an applicant tracking system to create a talent pipeline as part of your recruitment strategies.

  8. Liaise with other SME entrepreneurs/ companies and organise exchange and recruitment of staff programmes.

  9.  Consider using the support from a recruitment agency and/or outplacement agencies.

  10. Make contact with training institutions and colleges for recent graduates.

  11. Attend in industry career affairs/ events.

  12. Conduct a press release and mention a new aspect of your company. This could be a new service, a new product, a charity campaign, an anniversary.

  13. Come up with a job recruitment open day for your consumers, suppliers, potential employee and your network.

  14. Have a competitive compensation and employee benefits package.

  15. Conduct great interviews.


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