The Cultural Diversity Barometer in Company’s.

An important recommendation by the SER, Diversity At The Top in the Netherlands, Time for Acceleration, is being implemented; The Cultural Diversity Barometer.

Cultural Diversity Barometer

The Cultural Diversity Barometer provides useful insights; it shows the percentage of employees with and without a (non-) Western migration background, in subgroups, such as functional group, or number of years of employment. The Barometer does not provide information about the origin of individual employees. The barometer is  available to employers by CBS – Statistics Netherlands provides statistics on cultural diversity in business sectors and in the labour market supply, plus statistics for individual employers.

Employers who request this on a voluntary basis must have (for reasons of traceability) at least 250 employees and agree to the statutory publication obligation of Statistics Netherlands. The Barometer is not the only or the last step towards equal opportunities, but an indispensable link to a more evidence-based diversity policy. This makes it an important means to equalise the opportunities on the labour market of all talents, with and without a migration background.

Employers can apply at the CBS for participation in the barometer at cost price.




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