Performance Review Checklist for Managers.

Performance reviews provide an excellent opportunity to praise employees for what they’ve done well. When conducting regular performance reviews, it is important to ensure the focus is on the employee’s development and how management and teams can work together to achieve the organisation’s goals. Find the performance review checklist for managers to help you conduct your performance conversations. 

Performance management can improve employee engagement and thus support employees becoming more productive, develop new skills and actively participate in advancing organisational goals. In addition, an effective performance management strategy can also provide support in improving processes, systems and procedures for greater efficiency and growth. 

Preparation Performance Review Checklist

Employees should be given the opportunity to self-assess their performance. It is an opportunity for employees to reflect on their strengths and weaknesses and gain insight into how they can improve. Questions to guide employees in self-evaluation are:  

  1. What is my current performance like?
  2. Where do I want to be?
  3. What criteria will measure my success?
  4. What can I improve?

 Agenda Performance Review

  1. The agenda for the discussion should include: 
  2. Clarification of organisational and individual goals and objectives. 
  3. Outline topics of the appraisal interview. 
  4. Provide feedback on the performance. 
  5. Share possible areas for improvement. 
  6. Review previous objectives. 
  7. Determine future goals in collaboration with the employee. 
  8. Offer opportunities for career development. 
  9. Give employee time and space to bring up any questions and/or concerns. 

An effective performance management process begins with a self-assessment, continues with principles, and delivers impact with strategy and implementation. Properly implemented, performance management processes provide a shared understanding of business objectives and a shared approach to achieving those objectives. 

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