20 Corporate Business Terminology & Jargon.

Corporate business jargon are specialised words and expressions used within any organisation or industry. It is the language of the workplace, often peppered with buzzwords and acronyms that may sound impressive but can be cryptic.

We might have all encountered some these words in meetings, emails, and conversations, leaving you scratching your head or nodding along, pretending to understand.

Key HR terminology or business slang serves various purposes, including:

  • Signaling competence and expertise within a particular field, enhancing professional credibility.
  • Creating a sense of belonging among employees, fostering a cohesive team culture.
  • Functioning as a form of gatekeeping, distinguishing insiders from outsiders.


Examples of Corporate Business Terminology & Jargon

1. Low-Hanging Fruit

Refers to tasks, goals or opportunities that are easy to accomplish and with quick results.

2. EOD

Abbreviation for end of the working day.

3. ROI (Return on Investment)

The ratio of net profit of the investment, often used to evaluate the financial viability of projects or initiatives.

4. Leverage

To use a resource or a situation in an effective manner opportunities to maximise results.

5. Break Down Silos

Removing barriers between teams and/or departments to improve efficiency.

6. BAU

Business as usual; normal, standard business practise.

7. FTE

Full-time employee.

8. OKR

Objectives and key results.

9. OOO

Out of office.

10. CTA

A call to action to encourage potential customers to take action, whether it is making a purchase or signing up for an email list or newsletter.

11. Talent Pipeline

A talent pool with the most promotion potential in the company or a pool of potential candidates to hire during a recruitment phase.

12. ETA

Estimated time of arrival.

13. Grandfathering

Refers to a practice where employees are exempted from new rules, regulations, or requirements due to their pre-existing status or circumstances. This means that despite changes being made, those already involved are allowed to continue under the previous conditions.

14. SME

Subject matter expert or small and medium-sized enterprise.

15. SOW

Scope of work or statement of work. The work that needs to be done, by when, and according to what timeline.

16. Touch Base

Let’s discuss further.

17. Ball Park Figure

A credible estimate on projected revenue.

18. POC

Point of contact.

19. POV

Point of view or someone’s opinion.

20. Quick Flag

Raise something important or a potentially issue or concern for further attention or action.

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