A Free Guide of Key HR Terms & Jargon Netherlands

every professional needs to know in the Netherlands

Have you ever heard an HR term or abbreviation and thought to yourself, “What does that mean?” HR specific acronyms used in the Netherlands can have multiple meanings, and sometimes Wikipedia doesn’t do them justice.

That is why, the team of Human In Progress has created the most common HR acronyms, terms, and put them into an epic glossary of terms. This is HR jargon and terminology used in the Netherlands, that you really need to know to communicate effectively.

Receive the Free Resource Guide:  

  • Get a list of HR terms (in English) in alphabetical order and the equivalent in Dutch;
  • Find the most used abbreviations of laws and benefits in Dutch and the English translation used in the HR profession.

If you want to know the key HR terms in the Netherlands please check out this guide for the Netherlands. View the list of acronyms and abbreviations and terminology.  Download the guide now! 

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