HR Terminology – A Free Glossary of HR Jargon in the Netherlands.

Have you ever heard an HR terminology or abbreviation and thought to yourself, “What does this mean?”

HR specific acronyms used in the Netherlands can have multiple meanings, and sometimes Wikipedia doesn’t do them justice. Sometimes you need a glossary on hand when employing staff in the Netherlands, or you want to learn some new terminology.

You might have encountered some of these words in meetings, emails, and conversations, leaving you scratching your head or nodding along, pretending to understand.

Key terminology serves various purposes, including:

  • Signaling competence and expertise within a particular field, enhancing professional credibility.
  • Creating a sense of belonging among employees, fostering a cohesive team culture.
  • Functioning as a form of gatekeeping, distinguishing insiders from outsiders.

That is why, the team of Human in Progress has created the most common HR acronyms, terms, and put them into an epic glossary of terms. This is HR jargon and terminology used in the Netherlands, that you really need to know to communicate effectively.

In the HR ebook you can find HR terms such as Arbodienst OR, RI&E, UWV and ZW.

HR Terminology – Arbodienst

Occupational Health and Safety Service (OHSS): independent service organisation offering services on Working Conditions, Risk Inventory & Evaluation (RI&E) and Sickness Absence. By law, the Sickness Absence process has to be partly outsourced and executed by the OHSS.

Read more about the Sickness process and mandatory steps in the Netherlands.


Works Council: an internal body representing Employees. Promotes and protects the interest of the Employee. The Works Council has consultation rights in respect of certain significant proposed management decisions.

Read more about the Works Council in the Netherlands.


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If you want to know the key HR terms in the Netherlands please download the free glossary.



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