COVID-19: Coronavirus Long Term Impact – HR Management Guide.

In this article, we will dive into the potential long-term impacts of Covid and HR management.

Task force Health & Safety

It is important to consider setting up a dedicated task force, reporting to senior management, to take responsibility for assessing and managing the impact health and safety and secure the relevant  steps are being followed. In this task force make sure support functions are present e.g. HR, IT, Procurement and Facilities.

Make sure to have a business continuity plan in place, to make sure employees can work from home and take into account the employer’s responsibility for health & safety and security.

Covid and HR management, policies & procedures

Consider having the following policies and procedures in place:

  • Sick Leave Regulation/ Protocol;
  • Working From Home (WFH) Policy;
  • Policies prohibiting or limiting business travel/ travel ban;
  • Communication procedures on alternative communication channels (telephone and video-conferencing);
  • Have back-up arrangements in case employees responsible for health and safety are unable to perform their roles;
  • Make sure to inform/consult with health and safety representatives and works councils/trade unions in relation to the measures being taken;
  • Be compliant with GDPR/privacy legislation in relation to medical data of employees.

Manage operational risks

Evaluate the potential on the risk running the operations remotely.

  • Check the impact on insurances such as WIA, WGA or long term sick leave insurances;
  • Make notifications where applicable and comply strictly with obligations in relation to how and when to notify insurance providers;.
  • Make sure it is possible to comply with salary payments. Is payroll able to process and work remotely?
  • What is the impact on HR and IT operational activities depending on IT and HR systems on site and working remotely.
  • Consider having in place an electronic signing tool, to avoid issues on printing and signing while working remotely.
  • Make sure to inform all employees consistently including employees seconded or working on the premises of clients.
  • Identify financial impact on HR such as hiring costs, employee benefits, employee insurances, bonus pay out or other.
  • Carefully look at the scenario of potential reorganisation/restructuring.

Read COVID-19 Coronavirus Netherlands – Employers Guide.  Comply with current legal obligations and government guidance in the Netherlands.




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