Remove and Replace the Background from a Picture using PowerPoint.

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Most of us use graphics on some level, whether it be to enhance a presentation or design images for team sites. How to create the perfect image with an unwanted background.

How to use Remove Background

  1. Paste your picture into a PowerPoint Slide, then click to select the picture.
  2. On the Formattab, select Remove Background.
  3. Use the sizing handlesto adjust how much of the background to remove.
  4. Use the Background Removaltools to refine the selection and save the changes.

How to Add a New Background

  1. Insert a shape to use as a background for the image (on the Inserttab, select Shapes).
  2. Select the shape and on the Formattab, click the More button next to Shape Fill.
  3. Select the Eyedropper
  4. Click on the area of an image on the same slide to fill with that color.
  5. Click on Shape Fillagain and apply a gradient if desired.

Remember, you might need to use the Arrange button to bring an image forward or backward to get the appropriate layering.


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